Ten One-Dollar Bills
The amazing true story of how God blessed ten one-dollar bills and built a bridge in Nicaragua.
by Thomas Black

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 American Red Cross   Official Donation Form
 Bridges to Prosperity* Towards a Bridge
 Samaritan's Purse
*HAITI Bridge Donations will help fund a bridge to be built in 2018!
Suspended Type Bridge - $30,000*
(Estimated Cost for Bridge in Haiti)
ONLY $500 needed now! Thank you!

*$1000 donors will receive a photo of the completed bridge and community.

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Address Correction: PO Box 15575

Established Footsteps       Bridges to Prosperity
P.O. Box 15575               1031 33rd St Suite 170
Newport News, VA           Denver, Colorado
                      23608                            80205

Make checks Payable to:  Established Footsteps OR  Bridges to Prosperity (Donate - PayPal Link)
*Designate on Envelope and Check Donation or on PayPal's optional Billing Address Line 2: BRIDGES for Haiti
Established Footsteps and Bridges to Prosperity  are non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.

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